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Anthony, a mathematician who enjoys the art of dissecting equations for the sake of a beautiful rail, gate, fence, or other metal projects small and large is a faithful Christian, dedicated husband, and loving father of six.

Feeling the desire to learn a new skill while working as a chemist, he enrolled in a course at Tennessee Technological Center in Knoxville and completed it as a certified welder. His interest in fabrication came many years later in the year 2000 when he decided to use his love of math and creativity to build ornamental metal projects. 

That year, he had the opportunity to sub-contract for a local welder during the summer break while working as a Math teacher at Maplewood High School in Nashville. One of his first projects was to construct the countertop at the first Christie Cookie location in Green Hills. This opportunity served as a launching pad to his career in welding and fabrication. In 2001, he and his wife established Steel Beautiful as a full-time venture.


Anthony has worked with many homeowners, business owners, and contractors providing that Steel Beautiful quality and integrity ever since.


A teacher at heart, his dream is to start a program for inner-city young adults to give the opportunity to learn the craft of welding and blacksmithing in hopes that this will revitalize the poorest communities in Nashville from within.

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