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My Favorite Project

In my line of work, thinking is a major consumer of the time I use to provide my clients with the very best that I can give them. I have to consider everything involved in the process from start to finish. When I have completed the initial thinking process, I get to work thinking some more. Every thought is miniutes saved in the fabricating process, and moments stored for a happy client.

One of my favorite projects was the spiral staircase in Franklin. Spiral stairs have a certain graceful way that pulls the eye in. They can be very pleasurable to view and use. For this particular one, the majesty was also a part of the installation process. The staircase had to hoisted high above the home and set down ever so gently in place. The hours that passed as we watched (which were really only a few minutes, just very suspenseful) the staircase hang in the balance over us, was a breath-holding time.

When it was finally settled in though, we tucked it goodnight as we secured it in place. Night night, Spiral Beautiful. Sit tight.

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